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The 13th ICOC conference proceedings will be published as a Supplement to the Bulletin of the Southern California Academy of Sciences (SCAS). We are grateful to SCAS ( for partnering with the World Association of Copepodologists and the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium to sponsor the 13th ICOC proceedings.

The Bulletin of the Southern California Academy of Sciences was first published in 1902. The Academy is dedicated to promoting fellowship among scientists and those individuals interested in science; to contributing to scientific literature through publication of pertinent manuscripts; to fostering scholarship among young scientists; and to providing information to the membership, to the public, and to public agencies on matters of mutual interest and concern to the sciences and society.


Manuscript submission for the Supplement to the Bulletin of the SCAS is now open from September 1, 2017 to November 8, 2017. Please prepare your manuscript according to the guidelines provided at Click here for an example of an article published in the Bulletin of the SCAS.

Please note:
(1) Your manuscript (text, tables, and figures) must not exceed 22 pages in total and should not contain color figures. Your manuscript will not be considered if these conditions are not met.

(2) Authors whose native language is not English should have their manuscripts proofread by a native English-speaking colleague before submission.
Please note: Charles Miller, Professor Emeritus at Oregon State University, is graciously offering FREE editorial service to authors wishing to submit a manuscript for the 13th ICOC conference proceedings. Non-native writers of English are encouraged to use this service before manuscript submission and after receiving the reviews, if needed. Please contact Charles directly ( if you require editorial assistance.

(3) If figures are included, please embed them in the Word file as high-resolution JPEG (.jpg), encapsulated PostScript (.eps) or TIFF (.tif) files. You are encouraged to compress the images using the “High fidelity” option in Word 2016 as shown below.


(4) When submitting your manuscript via the online system, you will be instructed to exclude the Abstract and Acknowledgements from the Word file. This should be ignored. Please include the Abstract and Acknowledgements in the Word file nonetheless.

(5) All manuscripts will be subjected to peer review before acceptance.

Click here to create an account and to submit your article.

The submission process itself consists of the following steps:
1. Read and accept the Article Submission Agreement.
2. Provide information about yourself.
3. Provide information about any coauthors.
4. Upload your article and related items.

Please note the following for Step 4 above:
a) For the “Type of Submission” drop-down field, select “Article” from the list.
b) Leave the Volume, Issue, First Page and Last Page fields empty.
c) Paste your Abstract in the box provided on the website even though the Abstract is included in your Word document.
d) Paste your Acknowledgments in the box provided on the website even though the Acknowledgments is included in your Word document.
e) Make sure to state in your cover letter that the article is for the Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Copepoda. Please include emails of five potential reviewers in your cover letter. You may upload your cover letter or type / paste the cover letter into the box provided on the website.

After the November 1st submission deadline, you will be notified whether or not your article is suitable for review.

Feel free to contact Danny Tang ( if you have any questions.